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Traditional colors and stitching-- Dresden Plate

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Click on the Flickr link to view a very traditional DP quilt.


The owner is a great modern/art quilter with a flair for color and unusual patterns. This one is so not her "normal" in any way.   :P  

She wanted a full traditional treatment with feathered wreaths and "almost hand quilting" designs.

It was her idea to overlay the feathers on the plates, if you can see them. It gave a spin to them. Feathered wreaths in the negative spaces--all freehand after some circle marking. Then a dense-ish stipple. I tried another filler and it didn't work well, so I started again. Wool batting, BottomLine in taupe, tan, and red, BL bobbins. The wool batting caused a bit of cupping when I stitched the curved parts of the feathers in the plates, but she'll block it before hanging and I think that will take care of it.

Thanks for looking--arrow right for a detail shot.



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WOW it is just beautiful.  Phil and I just set up my new Millie yesterday with all the goodies.  I have never longarm quilted before but do a lot of quilting and embroidery, so this is a new venture for me and I am nervous but excited.  I know it will take a lot of practice but I taught myself to digitize embroidery designs and how to quilt and have taught both for about 6 years.  Now it is back to learning.  I have also ordered Intelliquilter as I just felt it would be the next natural step with my digitizing background.  Already have Art n Stitch and have done all the tutorials and several design layouts just waiting to get my system.  Today's my day to play and hopefully I don't break anything.  I have read many of the posts on the list and have learned so much so a big thank you to you all.


Donna Turner

Redfield, New York

Known for the most snow east of the rockies

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