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Dawn posted about a manual-selfpaced- back in May of 2013, has this come to fruition? I have learned to do lots with QP, but there is a LOT more it can do I'm sure. I have not figured out how to use pattern cad, or to combine and/or add a separate border design.


I was going to get some more designs, checked with the pattern company to see if they would work with QP and was told I should not order them as they were encrypted and QP wouldn't be able to sew them.


I've checked the forum to see how others with QP are doing and noone comments much...this leaves me wondering if I am the only one who hasn't figured it all out, or ???


Threadwaggle...I would be up a tree if not for her posts,


I am a ..hands on visual learner and I would love to come to a 3 - 5 day class, bring my "tablet" and actually "draw" in the cad side, learn to quilt in sashings and borders with a design different than the body of quilt.  I guess the proper way to say this is program? it to do what I want.


OK..enough of my pity party

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As for buying designs, I have bought from several different companies. None of them offer our format, you have to import them. I buy qli and hqf files mainly. Some companies I have chosen Statler Stitcher and have had no problems with them. As for classes, definitely could use one, I use mine daily and have figured out how to do what I do, but I know there are lots I don't know how to do. Warning for Dawn, I will be asking questions at HMQS!


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Want to come spend some time in NC?   Hands-on QP classes have already started here.   There are several other dealers that are either teaching classes or are working to get to the point.     As with most things, we have started with the basics and are working our way to advanced training.  There are 4 of us, that I know of, that have taught classes in the past 2 weeks.  So it is happening, it is just going to take some time.  


I am really glad that I can do something to help.   I have been kind of absent this month because of working on a different project.  In the next month. or so. I will once again get to dedicate more time to blogging about Quilt Path.  


If there is something that you want to know more about, tell me and I will work on it.   


For now, I am finding it easier to do most border work without the system.  It is just faster for me to do it the way that I am already comfortable with.  I do a lot of E2E and block designs with Quilt Path.  Sashings also seem to be easier, for me, as I don't have to turn the quilt when I do them.   In all honesty, I avoided all quilt turning before Quilt Path, so that probably is impacting doing borders with the system.  I am sure that will change over time.  

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This is a good thread, Pun intended :) I just looked over the classes in the APQS calendar and was disappointed that there was not anything offered for Quilt Path basic's to advanced. I'm just now getting up to a slow jog with my Quilt Path that replaced my CompuQuilter in mid march 2014. I would like to see a Quilt Path class where I can bring my Surface tablet and connect it to a APQS Longarm for a session where I can learn some new things and ask some questions.

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