paper pantographs? Hartley Circle Maker?

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I am buying a computerize system for my Millie.  Any ideas on how to sell my paper pantos I will no longer use?   How about my Hartley Circle Maker?  I don't know how to get the 'word' out there.   I am new to this forum.  

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You just did (get the word out)! :)  Can you please put a list of the pantos that you have for sale here on the forum?  I would be interested in some if I don't already have them.  Post what they are and what you want for them and we'll come a calling!  Thanks!

2009 Freedom, and a 1989 Ulti I w/Intellistitch


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I'll sell for $8 for each panto.  (I paid an average of $16.50 for each )  Shipping will be paid by buyer and is dependent on number purchased.  I haven't done this before so I'll check with post office to figure out cost and let you know before you pay.  How should such transactions be handled?  Do people exchange emails and make arrangements?  Thank you for your assistance and interest, whether or not you buy.


My pantos for sale (any errors are unintentional):   

Willow Leaf Studio  http://www.willowleafstudio.com

·      Clamflower  9”    (Lisa Thiessen)

·      Come dance with me  12”  (Irene Steele)

·      Sprung  6.8”  Jodi Beamish

·      Sunflowers  10”  (Irene Steele)


Urban Elementz     https://www.urbanelementz.com

·      Animal Crackers  9.5   (Patricia E. Ritter)

·      Apple Blossom  5.5   (Lorien Quilting-Hermione Agee)

·      Bauhaus (large) 10”    (Patricia E. Ritter)

·      Bauhaus Baby  6.25     (Patricia E. Ritter)

·      Bayside  8.5”     (Lorien Quilting-Hermione Agee)

·      Contempo  9”    (Lorien Quilting-Hermione Agee)

·      Curly Hearts  9.5”  (Lorien Quilting-Hermione Agee)

·      Easy Street   6.25   (Lisa H. Calle)

·      Flower Twirl  11”   (Lorien Quilting-Hermione Agee)

·      Hot Rod  8.5          (Lorien Quilting-Hermione Agee)

·      Hypnotic  (Lisa H. Calle)

·      Hypnotic  8”   (Lisa H. Calle)

·      Interlocking Squares  4.75”     (Patricia E. Ritter)

·      Lorien’s Arabesque  11”  (Lorien Quilting-Hermione Agee)

·      Maze  6”    (Patricia E. Ritter)

·      Modern Square  10”  (Denise Schillinger)

·      Modern Twist  6.25    (Patricia E. Ritter)

·      Santa Ana Grande  10”    (Patricia E. Ritter)

·      Techno  10”     (Lorien Quilting-Hermione Agee)


Misc. Designs

·      Daisies & Loops   15”   (Sue Schmieden)

·      Fantasy Flame  11”   (Jessica Schick)  (Digi-Tech)

·      Jessie’s Swirls Simplified  (Jessica Schick)  (Digi-Tech)

·      Jungle #1040 Judy Lyon  (MeadowLyonDesigns) (long, non-repeating design-pictogram) http://www.meadowlyon.com/shop/jungle/

·      Juvenile Jungle JJ-1 (elephant, lion, giraffe 11.5” and another with monkey, hippo, tiger, zebra 11.5”)  Debra D. Geissler

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I want hypnotic, fantasy flame, jessie's swirls, animal crackers, and flower twirl.


let me know where to send the money.

8259635bf834a637a7febcce54170daf.png Sweet T's Custom Quilting Finley, TN  (731)-445-6411 sweet_t_quilting@yahoo.com




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Good morning Quit2.  I would very much like to buy Bayside, Curly Hearts, Lorien's Arabesque and Easy Street.  Let me know what the shipping is for the 4 and how you would like to receive payment.  I live in Alberta, Canada so I know there will be an exchange difference and I am not in a hurry so slow mail is fine.  Thank you.

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Hi Quilt 2,


If still available I would like Maze, ModernTwist, Techno, Santa Ana Grande and Bauhaus Large.


Thanks ,


Dell 2016 Millie Frannie Ann Jr. with Bliss & she is Quiltaziod and Circle Lord Equipped with lots of Quilting Toys and now has Quilt Path!


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Thank you for all of your responses!  I will fill requests in order received -- looks like everyone will get what they want.  Let me check on shipping and I get back to each you (probably Wednesday because of work schedule).  Thank you!

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I'm asking $250 for the Hartley circle maker ($595 new).  If you are interested, I'll check on shipping cost.  It is quite heavy.  If the shipping cost is too high, I'll consider paying part of shipping.  I want this wonderful tool to be used and not just sitting around.  It needs a home -- someone to love it!   

Thank you for your interest.


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