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HQ16 for Sale Spokane, WA $6000

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HQ Sixteen Quilting Machine and Stitch Regulator

Front and Rear handles
Integrated laser light-- used for following patterns (pantographs) from front and back of the machine. 2 phantom graphs included
Pen Stylus -- used for following groovy boards
External bobbin winder
Brand new Hand Quilter track and carriage control 
Channel lock
extra bobbin case
HQ straight edge ruler
sampling of threads 19 spools and 77 prewound bobbins
Tilt screen action handle with built in LED cluster lights
six stencils
two books on machine quilting
one DVD on machine quilting
Suzy Q frame feature easy assembly, easy storage powder coated steel frame with no metal to metal contact
easy quilt advancement with complete tension control system
batting rack
brand new 9 1/2' HQ marked leader
1 roll of batting
8 pkgs of needles
Stitch regulation provides you consistent stitch quality from 4 stitches per inch up to 15 stitches per inch. Full 16" of throat depth provides 13" of quilting space with 8" vertical space. HQ16s have a high speed rotary hook with large capacity "M" class bobbin. The machine can move from Stitch Regulation to Manual mode with a click of a button. Set up you preferred settings, including stitches per inch and speed control. Self lubricating bearings, requires no internal oiling.

Includes 8 hours training within 60 miles of Spokane, WA

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