New to long arm quilting---

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Can someone give me a idea on how to quilt the labyrinth?

What would you put in the star?

In the block around the star?

In the diamond around the star?

In the second diamond?

In the second bigger block?

In the back ground?


Since this my second quilt I need to keep it simple.


Thanks, Lizbeth


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I will see if I can attach a few pictures of mine.  I did various stencils in some squares and diamonds as well as feathers when the spaces fit.  I also did straight lines in some places as a change from curved designs.  In the star I did feather petals (one sided) in each star blade.  On one of the large borders I stitched good sized half circles all around on the side next to the previous round and used the half circle stitiching as the spine for feathers.











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I did one and posted pictures but the old post is only bringing up one picture.  And I can't get my facebook page to copy and paste here.  so If you want to see what I did go to Facebook and my quilting page is Stitchin quilts  Like it and you will see the quilt.  I labeled it Brandon's quilt as it is for my son.  I had fun quilting this one.  There are so many possibilities.


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