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How I decide on the stitching is a process... So here goes. I looked at all the embroidery in the center, and I knew I had to get around it easily. So my fills that I can manuver around intricate details are what I concider. Since I didn't want to busy or redundant I went the the mix of different ones, so I could use what ever would not compete with the embroidery. After I got started on the pieced blocks and the wreaths, I looked at the center, and I knew the feathers around the inside would look like a second border. I knew it would frame the center, and distract from the background fill, you would not really see the background quilting from a distance, you would see the beautiful embroidery my customer did. In hind sight I would make the feather in the center a bit smaller. I knew I was going to do wreaths, because that is why she gave me the quilt. I wanted to quilt flowers there... so I comprimised I threw a quick and easy flower in the center of wreath, and I ended up giving the wreath a little texture by putting a dence pebbel around the flower to separate from the wreath (this was an afterthought) but I like it better. I photographed it both ways so I could be sure I liked it (and was not looking forward to picking out dence filler if I didn't like it). And the quilting just melded, after I got going. It was one of those quilts that just came together. - thanks for asking (sorry for being so longwinded)

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