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Wool top and wool backing

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Has anyone quilted an all wool quilt? I have a customer that pieced a quilt top using 3 1/2" squares. It's only 56 x 57 but very bulky with 1/2" seam allowances pressed open. The real problem I'm having is with the back. The back is pieced as well with a section of 3 1/2" squares going both the length and width of the backing approximately 12" wide thru the center. I can't get the bulk wrapped tight enough around the take up roller in order to get the backing smooth in order to load the top. Does anyone have a trick on how to do this or is it impossible? The seam allowances create so much bulk. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I have given up and advised my customer it can't be done. BTW - all the fabrics are heavy wool plaids like Pendeltons.

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I quilted an all wool quilt top, the back was flannel and the batting was a bamboo cotton blend. It was a memory quilt made of Scottish tartan kilt sample squares made by a dance group for their dance teacher.

Your customer quilt sounds like with the wool backing is simply too heavy. It will likely start slipping on the take up roller. Perhaps your customer might consider wide-back flannel or pieced flannel for backing. I use it all the time and it makes for a nice soft finish.


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