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Wrote my first article for my blog - How to load a quilt onto a longarm

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I found the time to actually write an article for my blog , with pictures too! It's geared more toward a beginner quilter or someone who quilts but doesn't really understand what is involved with loading a quilt onto a long arm machine.




 Click the Blog link on my home page!


If the spirit moves you, feel free to check it out and give opinions. I'm going to try to occasionally post more articles for people!



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You did a good job with showing people how much work goes into preparing their quilt for quilting....and how much care you take in making sure it is square, I think it helps for people to see that and know how much their piecing affects the quilting process.  Good job!

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Would you mind if I put a link to your blog so my customers could read this? I would like for them to see what it takes to get there quilts ready to quilt. Most of them were amazed when I posted a picture of my machine that it was so big. I really don't think most people understand what we do at all.

Mary in Ky

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