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Wow, it has been forever since I have Posted! yes, I am getting rid of my stash. I have a ton of beautiful fabrics all tagged and bagged. These are not Joann fabrics, they are all quiltshop gathered through the years. I am done moving them! If you will email me privately, I can send pics of the various fabrics. And prices, which are less than half what I paid.

ALSO. Quilt tops ready to be finished. Most are vintage with a couple that are recent. I did not make them. Just collected them over the years to quilt and now no longarm!

AND I could use some help. I picked up a hand done quilttop at a yard sale. It is signed with ladies from Leavenworth Washington from 1937. I thought one of them or the quilt guild there might like to have it back. Just a top, not quilted. I have no idea how to find anyone. help please.

Ok, ladies, oh and men, email me at


Where did my cool signature go???

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It's a Lucey for me.

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Nancy It is a feeing decision to let some of our excess fabrics go.  But quilt tops too:(

I know I am a distance away but piccies of the tops would be great.

I know some ebay tops have been getting high prices of late, so there is a larger market there you could try as well.

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Ok, ladies and gents. 


I posted two more albums today. One of fabrics. One of quilt tops. click on the  pic and it will open up the comments with my input.  On the quilt tops, just make an offer. If it is reasonable I will accept it.


I realize I priced the FQ kits and fabrics really low. You are getting a deal. I am tired of people offering me next to nothing for my beautiful fabrics. So, this way I do not have to be offended. One lady on Satuday offered me $10 for the huge Moda pack of over 50 FQ;s. She was offended when I laughed. SHE was offended????


I am in zip code 20109 if you want to try to figure postage. Otherwise I will take care of figuring it out.


Here is the link:

Click on whichever album you want to look at.    Oh, and there is a Janome Jem in one of them too.  Time to let a lot of things go.


I am not going to be on the forum much, so if you answer here, I probably won't see it. Send me an email.


The last fabrics are the 30's I collected to make my retro quilt. There are two huge stacks of them, some of which have been cut, some not, some vintage flour sacks, some repro fabrics. I have to get up enough energy to sort it out an take pics.  Not tonight!!!


Love and miss my friends.


It's a Lucey for me.

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I emailed you, girlfriend - good to see your smiling face on the forum again, even if briefly!!

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