2000 Series Millennium w/ 14' Table For Sale $8,500

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I hate to sell my Millennium but I hope to buy a new one!  AFTER I come up with the down payment I need for a new home.  I absolutely love my Millennium. 


Mark at APQS tells me the value of my Millie is around $8,500-$9,000.  I will part with her for $8,500.  I am in western Nebraska. IF you are in the Denver, CO area or within 3 hours of Cheyenne, WY I would take her down, pack her, deliver her, help you set her up and give you a quick lesson for another $500 if interested. M


My Millie includes:


14' foot metal motorized feed table

Upgraded wheels

Auto Stitch Regulator

Bobbin Thread Cutter

Dual Electric Channel Lock in both directions

On board bobbin winder

Laser pointer

Variable needle speed regulator

Low profile side clamps

Extra bobbins, needles, bobbin case

I also have the Hartley fence with circle maker and approx. 2 dozen acrylic pattern templates and the Hartley base extender for $300 if interested.  These sell for over $700 if bought new.


I had her fully serviced by APQS once.  I then went to Iowa and took a training course in 2009 to service it myself and have done that since.  I've probably quilted less then 10 quilts on it in the last 5 years as I have a job now 1 1/2 hours from home which is where my Millie is based.  :(((   Like I said, I love her!  But priorities dictate we must part ways for now. 


Write, text or call (308)250-5515 if you are interested!



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