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Blissfully Happy

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I finally bit the bullet and got a new Bliss table. It was delivered Wednesday, and hubby and I installed it in three hours. I cannot believe what a difference it makes! It truly is like quilting through butter. The only problem I have is that one of my locks (the one on the machine, not the one under the carriage) isn't working, but I've emailed Dawn about that and I'm sure we'll get that resolved soon. 


Before I made my decision, I went back and read everyone's posts about how much they liked Bliss. That definitely helped convince me, so thank you to all of you who shared your happiness! I love my Bliss!

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Congratulations! Bliss is a great purchase, as you are finding out. You can SID diagonals without a ruler, with a bit of care. My channel lock was also a problem and Dawn will email you some adjustments instructions for tightening it. Have fun!


Sylvia, unless things have changed, the after-market Bliss is $3000. 

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Sylvia, if you do find that un-designated $3,000, you won't regret it. I spent most of the day with Millie today, and I just can't believe how happy the two of us are. She moves so much more gracefully and actually follows the lines I drew for her! You will love Bliss if you decide to make the change.

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