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Looking to purchase a long arm and frame.....I live in NY and am willing to travel to pick up as long as it is not a long distance! I cannot afford new at this time but would love to purchase a reliable machine to use......thank you in advance for all your help!

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I have a late 2005/2006 millienium for sale for 9500.00 it is fully loaded and ready to be delivered. It does not have the hydraulic lift but it can be added they are 1500.00 new but I do come acros them from time to time for around 800.00 I can buy a aftermarket one for 1000.00 it's the same one APQS uses but without their mark up the machine comes with the following

3 year warranty

Fabric advance

Hartley fence


Micro drive handles

12' table

Delivery/shipping free

Setup & training free


Overhead lighting 395.00

Hydraulic lift. 1000.00

Machine is ready to go if your interested let me know ASAP I will be listing it by Monday

Have a nice day



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Not sure of your budget but I have a slightly used Bailey Home Quilter pro 15 for sale. Works great. I just upgraded. It has a king size Grace Frame, stitch regulator, ruler base, upgraded canvas leaders and end clips. $2000. I am in Western New York. This is a great starter machine.



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Imjustme:  This is a really good value!  I bought mine across the country, and contracted to have someone deliver it to me.  It went really well.  It cost me about $550, but was really worth the trouble (actually it really wasn't much trouble at all-just a new experience).  The machine is a workhorse, and the Intellistitch stitch regulator is about as good a stitch regulator as you can get.  APQS's service is about as good as you can get, so you don't need to worry about buying something that can't be serviced or repaired.  Think seriously about it.  Jim

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I have APQS LENNI for sale. Please message for details. A really good deal!

I am moving and will not have space for this gently used machine.

Email me :

Or message here please

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