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I have been asked to give a presentation at my new guild on long arming....I know that Sandra Darlington did a wonderful presentation back in 2011 but that is no longer available since the forum changed to this new format and I am not able to contact her through


Does anyone have a copy of her presentation or any input that I can add to what I need to say?  Let me add that I have a year until I have to do this AND I am very much out of my comfort zone in standing up and talking in front of 100 women and men but I agreed to do it anyway....


I just worry that I don't have enough to say that would be interesting....does anyone have any ideas, help, or input? 







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A friend of mine in our guild, who is also a long arm quilter, has a sheet of helpful tips, getting quilt ready for quilter, trimming threads, pressing.

I suggest having a few quilt tops to illustrate problems... such as those with ripply borders, ones where the borders have been stretched onto the body of the quilt, etc.  Your quilting always looks so good.  Just pretend you're having a one on one tutoring session with a newbie and I'm sure you'll do great!

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You can share whatever strikes your fancy about the mechanics, business, and fun of longarm quilting.

I gave a half-hour talk several years ago to my guild and the members were most interested in how I decided to start a business and the actual costs involved. Every quilter I know has a little longarmer living inside her head! ;) 

They are fascinated by the big machines and intimidated as well. So, many members asked questions about costs, space required, and return on investment. You could see the gears turning and the eyes shining when they thought about owning a big machine! I stayed away from hard and fast "rules" for quilts going to a longarmer since everyone has their own specifics for intake. I mentioned that before they hire someone they should discuss backer/batting/quilt top sizes and also prices with the quilter.


I also stated that while perfect quilts are preferred, they are not the norm! That got a big laugh! 

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I gave a lecture several years ago about preparing your quilt for a longarm quilter.  I discussed wavy borders, structure, extra backer and why and so on.  I also discussed quilting options, e2e, custom and so on.  It was very well received and people still come up to me and recall the things I said.  I sent you an email of my presentation as well.

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Thanks everyone, I feel better about it now....Heidi, I received your presentation and loved it!  Linda you sure made me feel better, hopefully I can add some humor to things...Debbie I hope to have several examples if I can only get a few of my own finished!


Sharon, I have a whole year to get ready, it will be next July (not this one)....are you going to tag?

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Ok girls? What do you think?


Sharon I'll send you a message after I find out more info on TAG...I know it involves a day full of great speakers, lots of drawings, and exhibits that involved all of the Dallas area guilds, it is free to any guild members...and is on 7/12 but I don't know the location....I'll find out more and send you the info...

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