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Thanks Zeke for being available to shorten my cable (old style Compuquilter purchased in 2005).  She's been rode hard and put up wet and unfortunately, the cable is failing.  We've tightened and tightened and it keeps needing more.  Anyone know the specs for the cable and possibly where it can be purchased.  We're going to have to take care of this soon and I can't afford any downtime. 


Thanks loads for the help.


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Hi Donna, I also have the original CQ purchased in 2005. I found an old version 4.1 manual and it says the able is a vinyl coated wire rope (part #8912T2) and can be purchased at www.mcmaster.com . However, I seem to remember that Stan had told me I should be able to purchase it at any hardware store (check Home Depot or Lowe's). If all else fails, get in touch with Dave Jones ( davedeloa@gmail.com ).

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