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I have been searching, reading, calling, researching, etc., trying to find the best buy for a used longarm.  I started out wanting to put my Juki 2010 on a frame, but the more I read the more I realized those nine inches just won't work.  I then considered a Handiquilter or a Bailey, but I really want an APQS or an Innova, and I am leaving heavily toward an APQS.  I understand the difference in an Ultimate I and II, but can someone explain the features of a Discovery for me?  Is the Discovery comparable to the Ultimate II, and is the Lenni comparable to the Discovery?  It seems the more I read, the more confused I become!  Thanks so much for any help you can provide!

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Have you tried any of the machines?  Is there a dealer near you or a quilt show?  I personally started with a stretch-arm and Grace frame, up-graded a couple times and have LOVED the APQS machines, although alot of people love the Innova?!  you've got to try them.  As for size, yes I upgraded (which means sold my machine to someone nearby and bought a bigger one with more features -some used), to bigger and better and finally found the 14' frame was too big for me and my space, but once I tried a regulated stitch I was hooked!  So now I have a Millennium (probably don't use all the 26" of space?) and a 12 ft. table.  I loved each of my machines (all 5 of them) but loved the newer ones too?!  Good luck in your search!

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