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Hi all!  I am a new member to the forum.  I plan on updating my profile asap, but I have a HUGE need at the moment.  I am trying to work with Quilt Path and can't get past the set your safe area.  It just keeps going back to safe area not set.  I would really appreciate any help.




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I am guessing that your clamps are not locked down on the tracks.  If they are not the system will keep telling you to set the safe zone.  (I made this error yesterday morning and it took me several attempts and a few choice words before the light bulb went on in my brain...operator error...again)

Lucy Drinkall

o2b Quilting, LLC
APQS sales/rental and custom quilting

1025 Industrial Drive, Suite A
Spring Valley, MN 55975

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Seweasy, make sure that your cables are all plugged in, especially the two that go to the step motor on the front right corner of your table.

Actually, in rereading your message, it doesn't look like you're having a problem setting the safe zone but in placing your design. It could be that, if you are using "center" rather than "fit" or "stretch" in your placement options, the design is too big for your safe area. Try using one of the other options (I like "fit") and see if you get better results.

Barbara Mayfield
APQS Sales Representative & Educator
AND Quilt Path owner!!!

"Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best." ~Henry van Dyke

APQS Northwest

1085 12th Ave. NW, Suite D2

Issaquah, WA  98027


(425) 243-3502

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