Why I have difficulty getting any quilting done

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Good Lord. We (me and the dogs) were upstairs sewing and someone decided he needed to go potty. I came downstairs and let them out then answered the phone. I was having a nice conversation with my daughter Jennifer when Mike asked me if I had seen my critters lately. Guess who decided to play in the sprinklers?  



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How sweet. At least they are clean - just wet!

We have had rain for what seems like forever. We are on a farm. Our dogs (one of them short, and white) go out and come back covered in mud. They charge through the kitchen and the dining room and the family room etc. etc...... you get the picture!

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Your dogs are smart!  My little tiny dog is a couch potato and home body.  She was a rescue and is very shy.  I am her whole life.  I took her on mother's day to my daughters and different people held her, and I even took her in the pool!  I was proud of her for stretching her boundaries.  She loves my 7 year old granddaughter and even lets her dress her in little outfits!!  lol  Everytime I try to get busy sewing, one of my cats pukes on the floor, somebody comes over, or the phone rings.  It never fails!!

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My cat was playing with something the other day, in the living room.  It turned out to be a chipmunk!  We have a little cat door in a basement window that goes out to a little, completely enclosed, "catio."  My cats love it!!  I guess it got in that way.  It was playing dead on the floor.  My husband picked it up with gloves and put it outside and it ran off; seemed to be okay.  Always something new around here!


Such darling puppies you have!

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