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My Celtic solstice. A Bonnie Hunter Mystery

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Here is my 2014 Bonnie Hunter Mystery

Celtic Solstice. I have not quilted many Big quilts so this was intimidating

I added several borders to make it a bit bigger it measures 85 x 85

I put a very plush backing on it with a 80/20 batting in it the quilt is quite heavy but that is ok for

Canadian winters. The borders I did different stitches in and just a boring meander in the centre ,but I love how it turned out post-63431-0-57348900-1400551141_thumb.jpgpost-63431-0-14118900-1400551190_thumb.jpg

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Here are a few pictures of the quilting close up hope you can see it nothing fancy still need more practice. There is picture of it at hanging at the Red Deer quilt show in Alberta and a picture of the Back also

I enjoyed this Bonnie Mystery a lot I would make this one again. I only made the small version (75" x 75")and added more borders to make it larger (85"x 85") I am sure you could make a smaller version easily.





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Do it Lisa !!!! When  I do her mysteries she posts on Friday mornings I am up bright and early to get the clue....Friday everybody knows it is my sew day and I get to work on that clue sometimes I can her clue done on the same day sometimes not but always try and have it done before the next clue some people dont like mysteries because of picking colors and not knowing if their colors will look all right I say pick colors you like and have some contrast and it seems to work out. jump in on the next one starts the friday after thanksgiving...I think


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