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I've recently come across a product called 'Precise' pantograph system.  It looks great.  Trinity of 2sistersquilting states it fits with all APQS machines.  Frankly, it's an idea I imagine many of us have thought of in some form or other when doing pantographs.  I find the angle at which our machines are in the back, to work; just kills my neck and back.  I would have loved something like this to come out years ago but from APQS!!  :-)  I'm curious if anyone else has one?  What are your thoughts?  It's pricey of course, like most of our toys/tools.  They have a page on Facebook a well.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts.  BTW, I have an APQS Liberty for the past 9 years. 

thanks folks.  I always appreciate the input from everyone here.  The forum is such a terrific resource!!

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Thanks Oma.  I had not read that thread.  I am excited.  I didn't realize Trinity's idea was so new.  I've often wished I could change my handles around on the back of my machine to make the angle easier for me to quilt but alas, that is not possible.  Trinity wrote me on FB and said she has shipped several units out and awaits feedback.  I think if one does enough pantographs, it certainly could warrant the purchase....time will tell. 

You wrote you just got one?  How exciting!!  Please let us know how the set up went and what you think.  My timing may not have been so bad after all!  :-)

thanks so much.

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I'm starting to consider flipping the direction of my machine (back of machine to the front of the room) so I can use this for some of my intricate drawing stitching. Not necessarily for pantos since I do better with my whole body moving along with one hand on a handle and the other guiding along holding the back of the machine. But I'm really getting to thinking a saddle stool and this handle set up may be an awful nice investment for thread painting work, too!

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Hi Carathren,

I just saw that you had set up a new post...  I have put some new pics up today on the main post

I am so excited at the possibilities for this product.  Pantos are just the tip of the iceberg! I have been playing with doing block designs from the back from Dover Books that I can re-size to fit...  More on the other post...  I don't know that I can keep up with 2 threads! :)


Feel free to visit and post questions also on Facebook: and see videos and ordering information here:

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