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I quilted my quilt using the software. My design was too big. Would have it

made a difference if I would have added more rows? How do you know how

many rows to put on a quilt? I took the length of my quilt and divided it by the

height that I wanted the design to be. I thought 10 rows should look good, I

am not happy. I am not going to rip it, it would leave stitching marks. I didn't

want to resize it, it is sometimes hard to see in the computer if it actually

changed it.

When you download a design how do you know the size of it?


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Getting to know the scale and size of the designs on the system takes a little practice. You can use the "zoom" tool on the pantograph screen to get a closer look at your pattern spacing and scale. However, the best way to really get a feel for the pattern size is to look at the numerical values that the pattern placement has given you for pattern height and width.


For example, on the "full quilt" view it might look like you have too many rows of a particular design because you're seeing them all crowded together. But when you look at the "pattern height" it will tell you if the scale is appropriate for your quilt. If it's a duck, and the pattern height is 10 inches, you'd most likely decide that's a bit too big for the quilt. :)


APQS Customer Service & Education Director


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