I'm Back into Quilting and piecing

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May 9th was my first day home in a month.   12 days in the hospital and 14 in rehab.


I still wasn't up to par physically, nor mentaly.   I just didn't feel up to doing much.. then a bad spell hit for 3 days.   That set in, in the middle of one day like a finger snap. That went on for 3 days.  I went to bed feeling punk, and just not "up to it" yet.


When I woke up on Wed. I couldn't believe how well I felt, the sinus and coughing phlegm were gone and I was feeling Good!


Yesterday I finished a QoV block ( 7 of them)  some Drunkards Path blocks, some work on the BOM, framed some preprinted blocks, cut some strips for sashing and wound them onto pill bottles, and gave a big sigh from knowing I'm able and willing to do piecing.

Today I will find out if I'm up to the long-arm quilting.. Wish me luck! 



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Thank you, all of you.. it is good to feel better, and be able to do better. 


I didn't mention that what put me in the hospital to start with was a heart attack.  Just left my heart with a fingernail size spot on the back of the heart that doesn't affect the heart in any way.


It was not a physically induced heart attack, rather things I had no way to control, like worry, trying to do too much, etc.  Just stress.


They aren't treating me as a high risk factor, just use the brain to stay as well as I can, in diet, exercises, mental attitude, etc.


I pray no one hurts as bad as that heart attack hurt at the time..  not fun in any way.


Again, thank you for caring.   


I will be selling most of the quilting CD's off, as I just can't use them any more.  lol, just need the time to make the list.


HugZ to All,



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