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This was a new customer who was given my name by a local quilt store.  She wanted me to quilt this they way she handquilts them with just circles.  Finally I told her I couldn't do it her way because it would be too much moving of the quilt back and forth which could cause ripping with the needle down.   She said she just doesn't like feathers, but the lady said to do what she wanted so I could go ahead.


 I decided to just stipple the background because you couldn't really see the design with the "starry night" fabric, and I felt I could draw up that extra 3 inches along the way.


She added a 13 inch blue strip across the top.  The spikes were 21 inches long and I decided to just do two lines, one up and back to the 12th and the 6th block.  She ended up putting a normal binding on and the customer loved it.




14251828681_f3e138f8a3_s.jpgSpiky Bargello by LibbyG7, on Flickr


14252967522_b19e1c93e7_s.jpgSpiky Bargello by LibbyG7, on Flickr



14255132455_4ec70ce7e8_s.jpgSpiky Bargello by LibbyG7, on Flickr

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Terry,  I have feather stencils that I chalk on so I know they are all the same size. Heidi gave me that tip a few years ago.   I don't always follow the lines perfectly, but they give me the uniformity I need.  The feathers in the corner are drawn with chalk.  I measure to be sure all four corners are similar and then take a picture so I remember when I get to the bottom.  I charge by the square inch, but not enough.  People in my area won't pay what a quilt is worth.  So I have to decide how much I'm willing to accept.  This type of quilting is easy for me, so I was fine doing it.  


Laura, the lady used a pattern for the center and then made up the spikes using a t square.  I'll try and get the name of the pattern for you.

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The quilt is "Bargello in the Round", orignally in the 2000 edition of Quilts Without Corners.   That book and the one called Quilts Without Corners - Encore were combined into the newest edition Quilts Without Corners - 20th Anniversary 

Hope that helps.  I the first book/2000 edition the quilt is on page 10.

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