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I have a lot to learn too.  I'm not quilting for others now because it just doesn't pay enough and is more stressful than my day job...not that I won't sometime in the future but I have plenty to do with the job, etc, etc.

I digress...I love the design and your quilting.  I would've never come up with a design like that.  Awesome job!


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Libby, I have this book but the pattern is not in it. She must have altered the pattern so she could get this wonderful design. I would love love to have the pattern, is there any way to get in touch with this quilter to get more information on the pattern. I quilt a lot but only with a pattern I am not so good at altering patterns to get the effect that I want.

Any help getting the pattern would be great.

Thank you so much.


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Oh my gosh, I'm not worthy, again!  It was fun to view your pictures of this quilt and then I just kept going looking at your previous quilts.  What a quilt show!  I know where to look if I need ideas for background fill and other custom ideas if I ever grow up!  Thanks for the enjoyment after a long day of cleaning my garage.  Your quilting is awesome!

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