Big Floral Applique Border - what to do??

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It's been a while, doing almost exclusively pantos...until this one!


It is 90"x90" - large floral border and center is squares and rectangles.   I've done the sid around the applique and have a panto that goes perfect for the center - just don't know how to handle the borders, and the transition into the center...quilter has requested no feathers and not a lot of quilting - hmmm


What do you think??

Here it is:



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Wow! That is pretty! Can you start your panto where a flower or leaf begins? Run the panto right into a leaf or flower where ever it hits, even if it is past the border seam?? Then you might not have to do anything else to the border since you have outlined the flowers. That would leave the quilting light. You could also fill in with a swirl if things did not fit just right.

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The applique look pretty large. Can you put some veins and lines within the applique to hold down those large spaces? I think that may work. That would not add too much quilting to the borders, yet hold down those large spaces. You may need to break up the space in the rectangular blocks. Not sure how long or wide they are. Just try to keep the quilting no more dense then center panto. Looks beautiful by the way!

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