UPDATE - Prayers needed - please

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It has been raining here for several days.  Thank God for the rain.


The size of the Funny River Fire is holding steady at a little over 193,000 acres and containment is growing at 58%.


Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts.  Please continue to send prayers our way.  We are so blessed to have all the personnel working to save our towns.





Most of you have not even heard but here in Alaska we have a fire that has been burning since Monday, May 19 consuming 123,000 + acres with 20% containment.  No structure have been touched as of yet. but many of us are on evacuation notice.  The fire personnel out there are amazing people.  I ask that you include us in your prayers for total containment with no harm to any persons or structures.


If you are interested in following this story you can visit KSRM 920 AM on Facebook to get the latest updates.


Thanks in advance for your prayers and thoughts as I don't know how much computer time I will have to check comments.


God bless -


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My prayers are with you.

I recently read that our provincial Wildfire Management Branch sent specialized rapattack personnel and aircraft to Delta Junction, plus airtankers and personnel to Palmer, Alaska.

An agreement between several US states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska), and Canadian territories and provinces (the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan) allow for the mutual sharing of resources (if requested) in emergency situations. During a bad fire season a couple of years ago, my region benefited from this agreement with assistance from Montana.


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You are correct...the firefighters who fight wildland  and forest fires are indeed some amazing people.  I, too, am a firefighter but I do not have to fight forest fires.  Oh, we have an couple of grass fires, corn field fires etc. but nothing like what happens in a forest fire.  Those firefighters work 10+ hours at a time on the fire line day after day.  Prayers for your safety and all of those around you.

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Prayers for sure!!  When we were up in Alaska in 1999,  we had to wait for a Follow Me to lead a caravan thru the area the fire was close to.


What hurts is the permafrost doesn't let the root system go very deep, so trees don't grow nearly as tall as most of us are use to seeing.

One example that I can't get out of my mind was,  dogwood trees, less than a foot tall and one blossom per stem.


It takes many years for a forrested area to recover. 


Gods Blessings on all,

forresters, firefighters, owners,



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