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Lemon Tree Tami

Getting studio ready for Freddie

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It's been a whirlwind the last few weeks when we suddenly decided to move back to California from Wyoming. I had just ordered Freddie but luckily was able to get it sent to CA instead of WY (too bad because it was going to be on the truck headed towards HMQS). A bit of a mix-up and it was mailed to CA ahead of schedule. Fortunately we made one trip to CA with two carloads of stuff and to drop off one car. During that short two-day window Freddie arrived and was safely put away in the garage. (I love all the fun stuff printed on Freddie's box.)


Well we returned to CA late Friday night with the car and RV full of the belongings that we had in WY. I've been trying to unload things as well as getting the family room ready for Freddie to move in. Mark from APQS will be here to install it sometime within the next few weeks. That should give me plenty of time to completely unpack and reorganize the household goods and to clear out the family room. Right now it's main use is to hold the dog pens. I have a taker for the futon and will figure out new places for the dog supplies. I love how much natural light I can get in the room. Plus outside the patio doors is a view of our lemon tree. I love looking at it. I'll have to figure out a way to keep the dogs away from Freddie but still allow me to let them in and out the backyard. Will have to figure that out in the next weeks. :-)


I'm getting very excited now and am lining up a few charity quilts from the Shir Hadash quilting bee for practice. Plus I have one top ready to go and hopefully can sew up another two before the installation date. It's going to be wonderful!




Tami Levin

Vancouver, WA

APQS Freddie with IntelliQuilter

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Tami, be sure to practice drawing the shapes so you will be ready for at least a meander.

Eye and muscle coordination and memory is what makes it so easy to quilt,.,


Nothing like it for progress.. a dry erase board works well. 


One friend even u ses her patio doors.. wipe clean with ease.


Good Luck,



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