Veteran Quilts using Egyptian Eye boards

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Used my new Egyptian Eye Circle Lord boards to quilt these Veteran quilts our guild made using strips we cut.  The Egyptian Eye sews out SOOO quickly, I quilted all six quilts in 1-½ days.  I'm renaming this board "Eagle Eye".  Thanks, Michael, for making such a great design!

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Vicki, those look GREAT on those strip quilts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And yes... don't you love how fast it quilts out?!!


Thanks, Sheri!  You and Michael really came up with a great design!  Officially my new Favorite board, (sorry Swirls)!  I was stitching back and forth so quickly my friend who was here watching thought I was computerized!  Nope, all hand-guided  :lol:

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Thanks for posting!  Swirls is my favorite right now, but Egyptian Eye is being shipped as I type.  I do a LOT of strip quilts.  I can't wait to do one and show it off to my quilt guild!


This design is perfect for the strip quilts as some lines are closer, and along with the gentle curve every strip is quilted.  The veteran tops I quilted were "creatively pieced"  :o and the Egyptian Eye boards helped me nail them down so they look perfect!! :wub:

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It does enable you to help stabilize those not so flat spots, huh Vickie!!!  I was thinking the same thing when I did that old quilt. We all know how those oldies can be!


I have another design that i'm  having Michael look at. If all goes well, should also quilt out pretty dang fast!  And will be awesome on modern quilts too!!

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