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Piano Key Borders - How to keep from leaning

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If the piano key piecing is leaning, that means there is extra fabric in the border---the dreaded fullness caused by "making it fit". Making each piano key seam straight with each stitching field and pin-stabilizing them will help. I do as Lisa advises and use the channel locks to straighten the seams. The benefit of adjusting to square is that any fullness is isolated within every piano key. The fabric will balloon up a bit at the border edge and then becomes an issue that is corrected when the binding is applied. I mention to my customers when this becomes obvious. Let them know there was "extra fabric" in the border and then they can decide when they apply the binding how to suck up the fullness. Normally they will have a small, almost-invisible laying over of the fabric against the SID of the piano keys--looking like a little pleat. A much better solution than leaning seams.  ;)

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