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I put a spool of Bottom Line on the bobbin winder and it made a loud squeaky noise as the bobbin filled. I've been using those bobbins on a quilt, the thread also squeaks as it comes off the bobbin. It's kind of annoying but the tension is perfect top and bottom so I just deal with it.

Is there an explanation or a cure? I always wind my own bobbins with Bottom Line, this is my first squeaker. I had a top thread once that made the same noise as it went through the tension discs.. I can't remember what that one was, I took it off and used something else.


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Cindy, you could maybe put some thread conditioner (spray silicone, Sewer's aid, etc.) on the thread, but I have no idea if it'll help!  Also, call Superior - they have a vested interest in everyone loving their threads, and if they squeak, quilters will stay away in droves!

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