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Need Longarm Lessons: Run, don't walk to Carol Cunningham

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My husband and I are so excited about the quilting experience we just had, I have to share it.  Having purchased a APQS Millenium in January 2014 I was stressed.  You know the questions.  Can I do this?  Is my quilting now at a level that I could charge?  How do other quilters do that?  Will I ever make money to pay for my Millie?  I finally got smart and found Carol Cunningham who is a APQS dealer and educator.  I booked us in for four decadent days of quilting bliss with Carol at her beautiful studio "The Quilt Batt" in Beamsville, Ontario.  Carol sorted us out.  Thread, tension, batting, design ideas, stencils, pattern transfers, use of rulers, marking tops, machine maintenance, freehand drawing, freehand quilting, stippling, applique, feathers, business ideas and issues, so many techniques, and so much more.  Carol will take you from knowing nothing, to feeling comfortable and confident with your machine and your skills.  Time just flies with Carol.  We arrived for 9:30 am and before you know it, it is lunch.  Carol (now known to me as superwoman) has prepared a delicious lunch for us.  Chicken pot pie, beautiful green salads, fresh baked breads, fresh fruit, and crème brule ice cream.  You get the idea.  Carol is so knowledgeable and so much fun before you know it, it's 4:30 and you are done for the day.  Learning from Carol was not at all like the business trip I was expecting.  It turned out to be a fabulous vacation, a real getaway for the two of us.  We asked for ideas on what to do as we don't know the area.  Carol did not disappoint with her suggestions.  There is a really great outlet mall, Niagara On The Lake, and Niagara Falls.  If you are thinking of buying a machine or if you are in need of lessons Carol is the one to contact.  Thank you Carol Cunningham and thank you APQS for having the fine dealers and educators you do.


On a side note I feel the need to tell you about a device Carol showed me called "The Circle Thingy" by Circlelord and I am in love.  Check it out.  It is amazing and can be easier than turning on your computer to make perfect circles every time.

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So glad.. it's wonderful to hear of a dealer and educator that is so special and knowledgeable and giving.


Thanks for being you, Carol, and thanks for the heads up, Zen



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Carol is a real sweetie; she's assisted me over the telephone with questions and is very willing to share!  Great to see a newbie getting off to such a wonderful start!  Way to go, Carol!!

<p>Vickie Oliver Beachside Quilter APQS Rep SW FL 2013 New Gen Millennium, Quilt Path

239-209-0990. Beachsidequilter.com

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