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Wanted.... Ruler Mate Extended base for Millie with thread cutter

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Do you have a Ruler Mate extended base for sale? I want to buy one for my Millennium with thread cutter.


I tried ordering on -line from Love to Quilt/Donita Reeve several months ago and have an order confirmation number, but have been unable to contact her.


So, my hunt continues. If you have one for sale or know where I might purchase one, please let me know.


Lin Squires



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Yes she is Susan.

She needs to mail you a template you use that will show her the exact position where your needle penetrates.

Each APQS machines are individually made, therefore the needle may be off slightly per machine.

If you just ordered, you will receive the cardboard template in the mail with instructions.

Be patient. Hers are ALL individually made specifically for our machines!

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