2008 Millie For Sale - Canada - No Longer on the Market

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I have a 2008 APQS Millenium on a 12' table for sale. This machine is like new and I have never had a single problem with it - it quilts like a dream.

Comes complete with stitch regulator, horizontal and vertical channel locks, lower thread cutter, automatic fabric advance, multi position handles. stand alone bobbin winder and extra bobbins and manual. I also have the original box the head came in.

I am considering upgrading to a new Millenium which is the reason for the sale. The machine is located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada which is about 45 minutes north of Niagara Falls, NY.

Asking $12,000 Canadian or $11,175 U.S.

I know I'm biased, but I truly believe APQS makes the best machine on the market. Their machine quality, customer support and training are second to none.

Please contact me at if interested or if you have any questions.

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Irene, why are you upgrading? I have both a 2006 and a 2008. I sent the 2008 back to have Quilt Glide installed, and added Bliss to the 14' table. I wouldn't trade her for anything! And I'm a dealer. ;)  It would cost you a lot less to just upgrade your machine and table than to "upgrade" to a new machine. I LOVE that the buttons are on the handles on my machines.


DIGITIZED Designs for Computerized Quilting

The POCKET GUIDES to Freehanding

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Darlene, when I went to Quilt Canada I tried a machine with Bliss and loved it.  When I looked into upgrading to Bliss and Quilt Glide, compared to the special price I got from Matt as a Show Special, there really wasn't a big difference so I thought it made more sense to upgrade.  I love my machine but I was quite ill last year with lung issues and I find it a bit heavy to move around now, which is why I wanted the Bliss.  There doesn't seem to be much interest in my machine - I don't know if it's the time of year or the price, but I'm not desperate to sell it, so I'm not willing to lower the price as the machine has been used for personal use only - not as a business.  


I really appreciate your comments and that's a good point about the buttons on the handles.  The lifetime warranty appealed to me, but I took out the extended warranty on my machine and honestly wish I hadn't as I've never had a single problem with it.

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