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Comparing computer programs


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Hi Nancy

the thread tina mentioned above is very informative but remember that it was written some time ago and since then Stan has been working on some really exciting changes. I think he's close to announcing the upgrade.

Of course all upgrades to CQ are free. The last upgrade had 3 changes, the most exciting I think was the array feature where you bring up a motif and with the click of a mouse you can make it stitch as a broder, a circular array or a other array. Its awesome and so much fun.

Sue in australia

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Hi Pam

Bring up your motif and where you clicked for circular array see if the choice for linear array is available - it should be.

Measure the width of the border and CQ will suggest a certain number of repeats of the motif to fit the space. You can change this if you want to add more space between motifs or less and rotate the individual motifs. When you have what you want you can save it for later use. It doesn't join up to make a continuous border pattern - I might have made it sound like that earlier - sorry if I did.

Have fun

Sue in Australia

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