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I have a hummingbird wall hanging that is all fused appliqué shapes and my customer wants me to stitch down every edge. I started doing that and I don't really like the way it looks. The stitches seem

Very bulky. I am using a short stitch length and a 3.5 needle thread is either so fine or metro.

Can you give me any pointers?

Update -- I was able to finish this project on my Bernina since I am waiting on a new needle bar.

My customer picked it up and is just thrilled with it!

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You're doing the absolute best that can be done with fused fabric. You're using thin thread and a smaller needle--and it looks better than I could ever do. :unsure: 

 It will never look like hand applique, which I'm hoping your customer understands. The big problem with fused applique is nailing the edges and the fact that the closer you get to the edge, the more prone the fabric is to splitting apart and looking frayed. I can't see any of that in the photo and think you're doing a great job!

That wallhanging is beautiful!

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I have one of those multi blocked quilts all pieced and fused...just need to nail all those edges down.....I have been waiting until I have a few extra millions of hours free to do her   ....LOL....you are doing a great job....I was stupid enough to buy the patterns and all the fabric for two more of the multi-block quilts...what was I thinking!  Hope to live to 150 so as to get maybe 1/2 of my projects done....Lin

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