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My Ultimate 1 is now priced at $2000. It was first purchased 2/96 amd I am the second owner. It has a 14' steel and aluminum bed,  an auto-needle positioner, a thread cutter, and variable speed. It comes with 12 different pattern scrolls which can be attached to the table bed and followed with a stylus. I have a cable system at the back of the machine to suspend the sewing head's electric cord as it moves side to side. It also comes with an industrial bobbin winder and a large bolt of king sized batting, which can ride on a bar under the machine. The machine does not have a stitch regulator.

  I live in Peoria, IL. I'm moving to a much smaller home that won't accomodate it, so I have to part with it. Please see two photos of the machine. One shows the electric cable system. And the last shows a sample of my first quilting attempt with it. You may contact me here, at my home computer ( or by phone: 309 278 5251. Sue VW




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Anyone looking to buy a great starter machine or a second machine could not find a better price. It would be worth the drive from anywhere in the country to go after this one. I don't even know this member but I just have to give a shoutout for this machine. Add an IQ computer system and it would be perfect for any quilter. No stitch regulator needed! Wish I had the room for a second  machine.


Jackson, Ga.



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My first machine was an Ultimate one--I added the stitch regulator and quilted on it for years.  I taught myself how to quilt on it! 

Great investment for a new quilter!  I sold mine for $5000 when I got my Millennium in 2004--which is also now for sale  so I can get the new one!  Good luck to you!

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