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Has anyone noticed Chickenscratch (Teresa) around lately? I sent her a message asking how the cancer quilt was coming and have not heard back from her.  I am in no hurry at all for the quilt but I am concerned about her.

Cheri Blevins

2009 Millie ~ Quiltazoid equipped

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I am here. We went to North Carolina over Memorial week,  I had to go last week and paint my classroom, then we just got back from driving to Dallas to pick up grandkids.  I have been reading the forums just about every day, but haven't had time to post much.  The quilt is almost done. Maybe another two hours of quilting, then the binding. 

8259635bf834a637a7febcce54170daf.png Sweet T's Custom Quilting Finley, TN  (731)-445-6411

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