Just finished. Customer guild border challenge

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Just off the frame--another two-week quilt!

Last year, my guild challenge was a border-of-the-month. Starting with a center focus block, borders were added each month and shared at guild. This is a large bed-size medallion quilt. She wanted heavy custom so she can enter it in state-wide shows. She pulled fabrics from her stash a la Bonnie Hunter--only for color, not for content or era. There was the romantic toile (her focus fabric and the entire backer), some stripes and plaids, Jenny Beyer, calicoes, modern, etc. Her final one-inch piano key border was interesting with added squares at alternating ends. The only thing I couldn't talk her into was wool batting. She like 100% cotton in her bed quilts. But hanging, it looks fine.

Miles of SID, feathers, line-work, six thread colors and invisible thread. And some stand-and-stare to try to find a cohesive quilting plan.

Here's the Flickr link---scroll right for details. Thanks for looking!



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Linda, this is so lovely!! Beautiful quilting, fun to learn about 'border of the month' challenge, and I've added another item to my 'gotta try this' list. I really like your 'buried treasures' in the pebbles. I'm assuming these little features are built in as you're doing the filler and not all placed ahead and then filled around? Thanks for sharing photos!

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Beautiful! Definitely a 2 week job. Linda, how many hours a day do you spend quilting on quilt? Especially when it is custom like this one.



Thanks for the kind remarks!

This one took three days to SID---about 15 hours. The rest took maybe another 16 hours. I don't usually track my hours because I'll have three days where I work the day job and never touch it. Then I'll work 8 hours for three days in a row. My hourly wage is nothing to write home about! I'll be "retiring" from the day job the first of October and then re-evaluate how much quilting I want to do.   :)  

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I love all the different quilting, makes your eyes move around the quilt. I do have a question on the feathers in the white border, is the spine free hand or with a template? I really like the look!


I marked the spine with half-circles up and down with a circle template, decided how many feathers looked good, and marked a few to get the feel of it. The spine was stitched freehand all the way first and then the feathers were stitched back to the start. The more the curve is accented, the better they look. Thanks for the great comments!

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Here is Linda's instructions on those great curvy border feathers:                           

Hi to all--and those with questions about design placement---

The bead board border--I measured the full length and divided by a pleasing spacing. Normally I would use the width of the sashing, but some wonky piecing would have been made more evident and obvious with this quilt. I mark at the border seam, stitch from edge to seam, travel in the ditch to the width of the hopping foot, and stitch back to the edge. Sometimes I use the channel locks, but since the machine likes to go straight on the horizontal and vertical, sometimes I just nudge it. That works very well. My favorite way for piano keys/bead board spacing is to use the piecing--I love even piecing at the border seam.

For marking the sashing design--I mark a faint line a quarter inch inside the sashing to keep the feathers centered. Measure that inside spacing and find a circle that is about twice that width in diameter. Then the fudging begins. I want an odd number of feathers across the sashing so the spiral in the stones will be easy to stitch. Divide the first sashing area into 5 spaces and see if your circle will fit. If it fits across 5 times with some space left over, mark with a little larger circle. If 5 won't fit, find a smaller circle to mark with. Snug the top of the circle to the quarter-inch line to mark lightly. Darken the stitching line--this is where you can adjust to make it fit across. After you mark one, the rest get easier.



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Thank you for the great pictures, especially that show the white feather border corners!

I tried that with the help of your book and they turned out fantastic with the exception of figuring how what to do in the corner.

Now I know how to make them look much nicer next time. The corners always get me! LOL

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