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I have had correspondence with someone here about the modifications I've made to my ult 2 table, and have promised her photos.  Well, I've forgotten who it was.  To keep my inbox open, I delete the messages I receive shortly after I read them, so it was no help.  I've had difficulties with my e-mail account, and have finally had to set up a new one, so my e-mail address has changed.  It is now  Whoever it was that I promised photos, please contact me.  I think I can send them now.  Thanks.  Jim

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Jim, Heidi M has wonderful directions for posting picts. I finally used them, and it works so easy, now. I tried before and it didn't work for me, and this &*(^##^%& computer and camera.

I did have a couple things that were diff, but I found them by surfing the site. Not hard at all.


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