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Machine speed changes in non stitch regulated mode

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Recently, I broke a needle while quilting and it turned out that we needed to change the needle bar and bushings, which we did and then we retimed the machine. I was quilting on a new project and went through one whole bobbin of thread with no problems.

During the 2nd bobbin, all of the sudden the machine would speed up on its own and the light would flash on and off.


I thought it might be the stitch regulator, but then while stitching in non-regulated mode the same speed up and flashing would happen.



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Well I did a few things and now my machine works again.

Since I had motor brushes on hand I changed those and I checked all the cords on the back end of the machine. There may have been one cord that was getting caught as I moved the machine . Also when we had the front cover off to replace the needle bar, I think one of the screws that holds the circuit board in place was loose. So I tightened that.

It works for now but if I have more problems I will look into the collar screw adjustment.

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