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REDUCED    Sadly I must sell my 2005 Liberty. I have been slowly losing my eyesight in my right eye and it is becoming too difficult to use the machine.

This is a 20" throat (perfect size for custom and hand guided!), is stitch regulated, and has the coveted 12 ft table. Selling for $7500 Reduced to $7000 some thread sold and I have listed what I am including below. Basically I am including everything you need to be up and running right away. If it takes some time to sell, I may start selling some of the extras separately and will amend the post...

Drafting stool with wheels ($125 new)
Acrylic extension table with ruler ($180 new)
Horizontal spool holder ($60 new)
18 large cones of So Fine (most open but mostly full, at least $200 value)
9 pantos (I am more of a freehand gal, lol) $150 value
At least 3 dozen bobbins
Quick Zip System installed with 5 sets of zippers ($150 new)
Extra parts for the machine $200 value
Tension Assembly
Bobbin case
Motor bushings
Encoder wheels
Screws and miscellany
Original stand alone bobbin winder
Will include my free wheeling horizontal batting holder
3+ dozen SNF needles, 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5

My hope is that someone within driving distance of the western suburbs of Chicago will pick up. I am willing to include a 2 hour lesson on how to load, use and generally maintain the machine. Then hubby can help disassemble and you can see how it will go back together. I have the original binder and everything that came with it. It was recently tuned and my service guy says it's in great shape. It's just not being used enough now to justify keeping it. Please email me directly with questions or call- 630 879-0000 Leave a message



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Carson, I am so sorry to hear that you are having vision problems!  It must be hard to sell your machine!  This is a good deal and hopefully just the right person will come along!


Proud Millie Owner!

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Somebody left a message on my studio line that saw this ad, but their number and name were not audible. The first name started with s, maybe Susan and it was a "private" number??? I am hoping they see this post and just email me...

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Hi Caron,

I am looking a nice used machine to get started with. It sounds like your machine would be perfect. The only problem is its a little out of our budget. We were looking in the $5-6k range. Might be able to go a little over 6. If your can work with us on the price, we would be able to pick up the machine, we are in Ohio. I'm very excited about finding a machine.

Thanks for your consideration.

Dawn Holcombe

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This machine has sold to a lovely lady from Kansas, she was so excited and I am happy to see the machine go to someone who will enjoy it and love it as much as I did. On to another chapter in the ever changing experience we call life!!!!

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