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HELP!! Old quilt markings..how do I ....

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I have just completed hand quilting a customer quilt - It is quite lovely. It was an emboidery kit so it was marked in the lite bluestuff they used waaaay back in the 70's (seems like yesterday! LOL) anyway she emboidered it & I put it together (set of panels), sandwiched it  then I followed the blue dots for the hand quilting. The binding is done and I washed it on gentle cold 2 times-most of the quilting guide dots are gone but the blue line where you sew the panels together is still there and very easy to see. I tried the bottle of line erase stuff on q-tips to the line -did not do anything. Then I tried color safe bleach on q-tip . Nothing.  I am hesitant to try real bleach as it may discolor the older fabric that is the top.  I think maybe she ironed it while emboidering the panels? I know I did'nt iron it as that can set the marking.  Is this a lost cause?  Will the lines fade over time?

Want to get it to her soon!

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The blue marks are probably permanent. The age is a factor even though the marks were meant to disappear after laundering. This problem has been discussed several times here and I don't know if there ever was a final solution shared. If the lines are so prominent that she can't live with them, perhaps she can find a white fabric paint to dab on where it's possible, to lessen the prominence of the markings. If the lines are showing through in the seams, that probably won't work. Maybe her best bet is to either add embroidery on the offending seams or add ribbon or rick-rack on top to camouflage the show-through lines. She's lucky the dots came out.  :wacko:


You can also try all the usual suggestions--Sew Clean, Grandma's Spot Remover, Carbona for ink or crayon, etc. But I bet the lines are there for good.


I wonder if the lines were meant to be trimming lines and not sewing/joining lines?

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I am sure they are "line up" lines - If the lines were meant for trimming then the emboidered part would overlap and the pattern would not match up.   I tried 2 of the things you mentioned  - I think they are permanet :( ,

Lucky for me she is a wonderful person and will know I tried to remove them. But even though I tried I still feel like I let her down. I cannot post a pic but it is still very pretty and I hope she will be ok with it but I will make those covering suggestions to her and see what happens.

Thank you

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I have a quilt top from way back when with the pre-marked blue lines - I quilted it a couple of years ago and it's waiting for the binding and then will be washed.  I suspect that I'm going to have the same issue.  I actually have one other quilt top with those pre-marked lines on it that hasn't been quilted.  I guess if the lines don't wash out I can chalk this up to a nice practice session.   Actually, I think I'll "test" an area to see if it washes out and if it doesn't then I'll use some cheaper batting for the practice session - why waste good batting. 

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At one  time I saw a posting for removing these lines and I think it included soaking it in buttermilk.  I can't remember what else but maybe someone else will remember the solution and post it.



A solution of one quart buttermilk, one gallon water, and one tablespoon lemon juice is a good, non-invasive solution for soaking vintage linens with stains caused by storage, mildew, or water marks. I don't think it will take out ink-printed marks. But give it a try!

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Mary's quilt which I'm quilting now, has the pink marks..  She marked the Cross hatch lines, and they weren't straight across the quilt.. diagonal crosshatch, so my lines don't match hers.  I'm using Lindas cross hatch rulers..


I'm going to try soaking it in a special cleaner we use (We buy it by the 4 gallons out of an RV repair up in New York)  Haven't found that it damaged anything and we've used it for years. 


I'm just wondering something.. does using one thing that doesn't work, make it harder for the next treatment to work.. and if so, which we should use first.  LOL, as if, right?  As If!   Maybe I can try the diff ones in diff areas, and see which, if any, work.


going to have to try a lot of things.. since these marks are from the wooden pencil with the thick lead for marking quilts (unpainted wood)  I think it has wax in it, so I also will be trying a clear shampoo.  Cheap works as well as pricy.  Just don't use anything that you can't see through.  For some reason they didn't work when a green color crayon went into the dryer with hubbys old sun tans..  what a mess.. lol.  The Air Force wouldn't let him wear them like that, of course.. so, raw knuckles by the time we were done cleaning them.


Has anyone used peroxide, testing it first of course.. or artist eraser, or a plain eraser.. baking soda,  corn starch and a bit of heat? 


These marks have been in it for about 4 years..  maybe more.  She was one of the gals that was in the class I taught at church. 



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