Patchwork Europe - France September 2014

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I see APQS has a booth at this Conference September 18-21. 

I am looking for information from anyone who may have attended in the past?  

I have questions about accommodations and other logistics. Always good to speak to someone who has attended :)  

I look forward to talking to you. 



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Hi Jo - I had planned to attend last year but was unable to; but I'm going this year! and am booked to do all 6 classes with Sue Patten - can't wait!! Ste Marie aux Mines is in the Alsace area, north east part of France. Their web site "patchwork europe" is also in English and if you look through it in detail you should find all the info you need. One piece of advice, if you plan to go and spend more than one day, book a hotel asap. Also you will need a car, Ste Marie aux Mines offers very little on the accomodation side and most hotels are more than 10 km away.

I will also be seeing Suzan Pons and her team, at the APQS stand. Even tho I have a new Millie, it will be fun to be there.

If you need more info, and if I can help, send me your email address.

Sue (from Luxembourg)


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Hello Sue,

Thank you for your reply! It makes me more excited to come now that I have made a few connections. I will be travelling with my sister from near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We just decided we would plan a vacation around the Conference. We are novice quilters.

We will be driving from Paris ( hoping is is not too different driving there) and have found a few B&B's that have rooms left. We have not signed up for classes yet and see that all of Sue Patten's classes are full :( Just being there will be an grand adventure. I own a Millie but have not used it that much as I feel a bit intimidated by it, a bit afraid something will go wrong:( but I am getting more confident :)

It would be great to chat more. My email,


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