Mature Ultimate I for sale in San Jose, CA

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APQS Ultimate I "Mature machine" circa 1987, wood 13 foot table, easily holds 144",no stitch regulator, needle up automatic and "one" stitch. Works fantastic! Hartley fence, some patterns and misc equipment and books included. $6500.00 San Jose, CA

I am moving and will not have a room just for quilting. This machine has served me well for many years and is quite the workhorse.

Chris Watt


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Chris, I would suggest that you contact APQS and find out the market value of your machine. The price you're asking isn't accurate for the age of the machine.


DIGITIZED Designs for Computerized Quilting

The POCKET GUIDES to Freehanding


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Hi All, I looked in my notebook and the $6500 was what I was offered when I sent the machine in for the upgrading. Apparently, that was what he would give me if I traded it in on a new computerized machine.

Mark from APQS was kind enough to respond to my valuation request and to sell the machine out right it is worth about $3000. Ok then.

Lots of disappointments for me, I thought I had antique furniture worth something and have found out I have really nice old furniture.

$3000 OBO it is!

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