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My dad was instrumental in my purchase of Freddie, loaning me the money to get him. So of course I wanted to have one of the first big quilts be for him. It's a basic jelly roll race quilt made from Moda's Kansas Troubles Quilters fabrics along with a few Civil War reproduction fabrics. Quilter's Dream wool batting, So Fine thread, and Patricia Ritter's Diagonal Plaid panto using the IQ.


I didn't have any troubles with quilting it but I did discover that I was holding up the sides of the quilt while it was being quilted on the side.  Perhaps I need to look into some of those longer side clamps that are on the market?



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The quilt is lovely---great fabrics, lots of interest in the extra piecing, and the quilting design is perfect. I bet Dad loves it!


FYI--a curtain rod slipped under the elastic of the clamps and hooked over the rollers will keep the backer level and the clamps out of the way of the head.  :)

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Thank you, thank you every one (I reached my Like quota for the day so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to get the rest of you). Yes, this jelly roll variation is super simple. After sewing the jelly roll, slice it about six inches or so vertically. Flip it around and then set it on the opposite side. Add a strip of whatever width you'd like of a contrasting fabric. Then add a 1/2" skinny border and then a wider 6" or so border. It's a quick way to complete a quilt and have it look a bit more finished.


Today I just found the perfect fabric from Andover to use as the binding ... a deep navy with a tan diagonal box. Yay!

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