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So I posted a while back about my machine making a rattle noise, and every suggested that it may be a growl, which it was, plus the rattle.

So I ordered grease and DH helped me remove the head and grease the gears. Put on a small wall hanging and it hummed beautifully until the last 5-6 inches and the rattle started up. Call APQS and sweet Amy helped me with oiling the bobbin case, Thank you Amy.

Machine is back humming sweetly, but when I went to change the bobbin I got grease on my fingers. Here is a picture of where the grease is coming out of. 

What did we do wrong??????

Picture with the grease and one after I wiped it off.

I have an older  Millie



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You did nothing wrong - this is just excess grease working its way out of the gear box.  APQS has a little black cap they sell - you glue it onto that shaft end to stop the grease leaking out, after cleaning it well.  Call Amy - she'll set you up.  Until then, just keep wiping each time you clean the bobbin area.

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