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Stitch Regulator Stalling


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This only happens when you are on a tight deadline.  The stitch regulator is stalling on my Next Generation Millie.  I talked with Amy, she suggested an adjustment on the encoder wheel.  I did that, did not help.  The quilt I am quilting is from Crabapple Hill, Garden Alphabet.  So I need my stitch regulator going around all of the embroidery on this quilt.


If anyone, Dawn C. or Amy, has any other suggestion I would love to hear from you.  


Thanks for all advice.


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It does stop mid stich -- needle up.  

Long stitches -- yes.  


I did get it to stitch horizontally with the stitch regulator.  But the other directions -- no.  It will make one normal stitch, then pause when the needle is up, or make really long 1/4 to 3/8" stitches.  


Barb could I call you for help?

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The problem may be in the CAT-5 cable that connects the black encoder box on your sewing head to the head encoder jack, or it could be a problem with the jack itself. Since you were able to stitch left and right (but not front-to-back) that points to the sewing head encoder.


Try "borrowing' the longer CAT-5 cable that connects from the carriage encoder jack on the right rear side down to the carriage, and swap it for the shorter cable that's connecting your head encoder to the machine on the left side. (With this set up, the machine will NOT stitch left to right since there will be no communication for that direction.) Then try moving the machine front to back several times to see if it will stall. If it does, then that means the cable is not the trouble. It is either the encoder itself or the head encoder jack.


So here's how to narrow it down and eliminate the head encoder jack as the issue. Plug that longer CAT- cable into the back of the carriage again, but leave the other end plugged into the HEAD ENCODER JACK. (Leave the head encoder itself-the black box in front of the thread stand-unplugged.) With THIS set up, the machine will ONLY sew left to right, and not front to back. Try moving the machine left and right several times to see if it stalls. If it doesn't, then the jack is OK.


Plug the end from the back of the carriage back into the HEAD encoder box itself and try moving the machine forward and backward again (it won't go left-right just now). If it sputters, then we know it's the encoder itself.


Let us know what your testing shows and we can then get the correct part sent to you right away to fix the problem. :)

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That is pretty much what Amy had us do on Wednesday. Amy concluded that I needed a new rear axel with the encoder wheel/box. She was going to send that off on Thursday. I have not received it yet, hopefully tomorrow. Once my DH attaches the new rear axel, I will post to let you know it is working, hopefully. :)

Thanks for responding to me.

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