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How do you feel about Sunbonnet Sue?

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We did an exchange on the Machine Quilting Professionals list several years ago called "Sunbonnet Sue Must Die."  I made the blocks where Sue is swallowed by the snake.  There were lightning strikes, hangings, fires, etc, sort of like this.  I don't think everyone ended up sending their blocks, but I have many of them.  Never got them made into a top.

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Those would be great - very funny! If you can't have a laugh, then what do you have??


I have been doing a bunch of wool applique and really enjoying it. Saw a SS in wool - but they were too cute. I like these better! Might just have to add this twist, would be great to see her in the chair getting a tattoo!


Sorry I have been gone for a long while. Computer problems and life.... you know.

Great to see some familiar names and faces!! :D

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