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Quilting sympathy needed and venting

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You did a great job on the quilt.  I am more of a piecer than a quilter and find all the information here helps me to think more about the project I am working on and keeping it straight.  My guess is that the woman has Swedish ties and the quilt means a lot to her.  Yes, some of the comments from above do sound nasty but maybe it made them feel better to vent.  I personally enjoy all comments and there are lots of times it is difficult to say no to certain quilts.


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Beth, It turned out very pretty. I'm sure she loved it when she got it back. 


As for venting, I think we need a safe place to do that where our customers won't see it. I learn a lot from others by what they say and how they handle it. And I think our customers learn a lot also when we share what problems we had with their quilts. I like to tell them what I like about their quilts and then explain some things that I think will help them out on the next one. They always seem to be thankful for suggestions. We all have to learn and if we only complain and don't explain, what changes? I definitly have a lot more to learn about piecing and quilting and y'all are great teachers. 


Even though we get those kinds of quilts, we always seem to find a way to make them work out and the customer usually loves it afterwards. 


Sorry, long winded, but that's my 2 cents.



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The phrase " I'll bet you didn't even see this sneaky little spot, did you?" 


Or, "It sure was a surprise when I heard that seams pressed the wrong way

can really make a quilt ugly..."


"This Sneaky Pete" snuck up on me.  It's barely noticable, but    "


and so on.


Just gradually educate them to little things, in the middle of praises,  of course.


"Look how pretty these corners or points, etc, meet.. that's a beautiful job!"

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