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Last row of the quilt and CONSTANT eyelashes on back!!! I'm gonna cry!!!!


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I have just spent the las two days ripping out the stitching on a whole last row of pantograph.... The whole quilt was fine with the exception of a few random loops on the back... most often in a point....


I get done with the last row and unpin and have a whole row of thread barf.....


I rip (full 8 hrs of ripping). I make sure my top tension is tight... it's so tight if I tighten it it breaks every couple minutes....my bobbin tension WAS 110 on the towa I loosened it to 100... cleaned my bobbin area/case, checked the backlash spring, decided to replace it just in case.... all was well for 2 feet, then ran out of bobbin, refilled the same one, and barf again....

Rainbows on top, Maxi loc in the bottom, batting in the guide above cone, thru all loops in both duck bills, tension spring goes down to correct spot (9 O'clock)


For the love of God what is the problem NOW!!!!!! 




The bottom of this picture is before the bobbin change-perfect... the top is immediately after....


Thank you in advance :-)




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I've used Maxi as a top thread, but not in the bobbin.. Seems it would give a lot of lint.. have you made sure there are no lint or threads in the whole bobbin area?


I'm ordering a new top tension unit today.. I can see the start of a groove.. and that might have been my problem the last quilt I was working on.


Call APQS and Talk To Amy before the weekend hits, this evening.   She can diagnose problems over the telephone and give you solutions.. she guides you thru the process step by step.. She is the Wonder Lady at APQS.


Good luck,


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Tracye:  You indicate your "tension" spring goes down to 9 o'clock.  Where is it at resting with no thread tension on it?  It should be at 10:30 of 11:00.  It looks like the (BTW it's called the take up spring) isn't pulling the thread tight on your misstitches.  If the take up spring is set to  the proper resting position, you may need a new one.  The one you have may have lost it's strength.  Good luck.  Jim

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Thank you everyone for you help!!!!! Amy in service said, after seeing the picture, that it's my back lash spring... I need to bend the arms up a bit. So I also ordered a couple new ones and a new "take up spring" just to make sure it never does go bad (you know, if you have the spare it will las forever :-P )... WHEW! For me it's being able to identify what is CAUSING the problem so I know where to focus... 

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