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What is your favorite threads?

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Hi I am getting a new Milli this week.  I just sold my handiquilter last week and let my cones of thread go with it.  So, my question is, What are the favorite brands of threads do you guys find works well for you.


And what are your opinion on the bobbins that are used - do you like the smart bobbin or the M bobbin?     Is the smart bobbin that much better than the M?

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Lucky you getting a new Milli !     I had a Handi Quilter before I got mine.   It was a nice machine but I wanted to move up to a larger throat space.  Sold it to another quilting friend and it's still going strong for her.   


I used King Tut with Handi Quilter, but my Milli didn't like it at all..........others get along OK with it.   I did a lot of trial and error with different brands and types of thread until I narrowed it down .   


Glide thread from FilTec...........also their Magna Glide bobbins are the best. 


So fine, Bottom Line, Omni, Lava  from Superior are some I use a lot.  Also the varigated So Fine, Fantastico and Magnifico............depending on what you want to quilt.


The M bobbins are the bigger bobbins like the Handi Quilter uses.    The APQS machines now come with choice of L bobbin or M bobbin.   Mine has the L bobbin. I find with the prewound bobbins, they last a long time.   I only wind my own for special circumstances.  


I bought small cones of different threads until I found the ones that worked best for my machine............then I would go buy the larger cones of the threads I used the most.   


You will get more input on this from others.    Experiment and have fun !    

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BottomLine cones and pre-wound L bobbins.

So Fine cones.

Magna Glide pre-wound bobbins.

Rainbow cones.

Metro cones--thicker and shinier thread.


Most machines are happy with a bobbin thread weight that matches the top thread. BottomLine is thinnest, at 60 weight. I use it for the majority of my stitching. Magna Glides are thicker, thus less thread on a bobbin.


I sold all my King Tut a couple of years ago to a Gammill owner.


As for the size bobbin, L or M? I haven't heard any bad reviews of the M size, which is new for APQS  machines. I think you end up being happy with whatever you decide, once you get some experience.

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I agree with all of the above... also the smaller threads of different kinds to start and then purchase larger cones of the ones you like.

Superior has a 'try me for longarm' machines kit...with several different types of threads to try... you can get a good sale on it if you put in the code 'tryme'... also the shipping is around $3.95.  I would do this so you know what threads you may want to try out in the Superior line or at lease look at the try me threads and see what is included in the kit.  

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Glide!  and Glide!  and Glide again.  It is absolutely my favorite thread, along with the Magna Glide Bobbins.  I also like Fil-Tec's Cairo Quilt (cotton).  From the Superior site, I like Omni (which is poly but looks like cotton), and King Tut.  A word of caution:  I bought quite a bit of variegated thread when I first started quilting because it was just so dang pretty.  Well, it is gorgeous, but if you're quilting a design with any back-tracking, it's not going to look that pretty.  Buy good basic colors and then, if you want to try some variegated, buy just a few cones.

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I almost exclusively use YLI Longarm Professional for my top thread, and Superior Bottom Line for a bobbin thread.  I wind my own bobbins.  My choice of YLI is because it's strong (almost never any breakage) and it is low lint.  I do occasionally use Sigma embroidery thread when I want bright shiny thread.  It performs much like Glide, but is considerably less expensive.  Jim

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My standard go-to basic threads are OMNI and Isacord -- I have a lot of these threads in all colors. I love to use other kinds of threads, too, but usually will buy a special thread in a special color when the need arises. I love the Rainbows from Superior but only on the right quilt.


I don't have an APQS machine but do have an "M" bobbin and I use aluminum bobbins and an occasional prewound Glide Classics. I'm not sure I'd want to go back to a regular size bobbin again. I love being able to stitch intricate pantos on large quilts in one pass without having to change a bobbin. If I am ever able to switch to a Millie, I would love to try a machine with their "M" bobbin!!!

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